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About Us

We are Jera line, a factory which produces the cable infrastructure products. One of our key solution is PV Cable Harness System for Medium & Large Scale Off Grid Solar Plants.

Which consists of solar power connectors and cabling systems. Solar photovoltaic cable solution is necessary for deployment for the ground-mounted solar off grid systems and farms.

Jera solar line includes connectors, and cabling products designed for an easy and quick installation with required durability, and extreme weather conditions.

Why choose this solution:

1. Quick installation speed

2. No More Cable stripping - Insulation piercing technology.

3. High efficiency and less current losses.

4. Reduced resistance of contacts.

5. Outdoor IP68 protection, durable

6. Min 20% Cabling length saved

7. Ideal onsite customization.

8. Long live span Choose for Solar cabling upgrade or maintanance.

For whom it is:

1. For medium, high utility or commercial scale solar power plants.

2. For small scale solar power farms.

Variety of cable connectors, cable harness and clamps are applied with solar power panels with the photovoltaic cables and solar power invertors in solar electrical power facilities.

The main products are:

1. PV Cable: bus/tap piercing connector (IPC)

2. PV Cable: bus/multi tap piercing connector (IPC)

3. IPC PV Cable harness

4. IPC PV Cable fused harness

5. PV Cable: tap/tap piercing connector

6. Cable lugs for pv combiner

7. Anchoring and suspension clamps, brackets

All the mentioned range is suitable for usage with PV-KBT4/KST4 and MC4 type of connections. Intended for Universal cable application of PV cable 1.5-400mm2, with double jacket's insulation. Voltage DC: up to 2000V and AC: 0.4-1.0 KV


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