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Solar PV cable Fuse holders

The solar fuse holders is a kind of connectors used in solar photovoltaic cable deployment for the ground-mounted solar grid systems to prevent large currents from damaging the solar cells and inverter.

Each solar fuse holder consist of main housing, inner metal contact, in-line fuse and rubber water seal. The main body is made of high strength UV plastic PPO, processed by injection technology which is available in Jera workshop. The metal contact is made of tin plated copper which ensure stable electrical connection. Innovative sealed, waterproof and dust resistant design IP68 ensure long period application.

The inline fuse holders are compatible with different size of PV cable diameter (2.5/4/6mm2), the maximal fuse range and voltage is 15A and 1500V DC.

Jera Line is operating according to ISO9001, we has its won laboratory to performs essential tests, refer to European quality inspection standards (EN 50483-4, and IEC 61238-1). Such as under water dielectric testing, Electrical aging test, UV & temperature aging test, Corrosion aging test etc.

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PV solar fuse holder 1500V DC


PV solar fuse holder 1500V DC


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